About Us

Agrivert provides innovative organic waste recycling solutions and sewage treatment solutions to the waste and water sectors.

Agrivert offers anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting technologies to treat source segregated food, garden and co-mingled food and garden wastes. Agrivert also provides composting solutions for green garden waste.

Agrivert provides a range of technologies and services to the water industry that reduce the operating costs of treating and recycling biosolids.

  • Agrivert uses proven technology
  • Agrivert designs, builds, finances and operates
  • Agrivert provides competitive recycling services
  • Agrivert delivers value through innovation
  • Agrivert offers O&M support with turnkey projects
  • Agrivert invests to deliver reliability and low operating costs
  • Agrivert is integrated into the farming community
  • Agrivert has recycled over 7 million tonnes of biofertilisers on local farmland
  • Agrivert maximises the generation of renewable energy
  • Agrivert helps customers reduce their carbon footprint in a sustainable way
  • Agrivert reduces the cost of treating biosolids

Working with Agrivert

Agrivert has extensive experience in the organic waste treatment and recycling industries.  Agrivert also generates renewable electricity and renewable heat at our operating AD facilities in Oxfordshire. We are proactive, approachable, reliable and committed to delivering excellent service. We combine experienced staff and proven technology to deliver solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs in a  cost effective way.

Contact us to discuss your waste management requirements.