Corporate Social Responsibility

Agrivert is dedicated to delivering sustainable waste management solutions that make a positive contribution to our global and local environment.

Community Involvement

As part of our corporate social responsibility policy, Agrivert aims to integrate into our local communities as a welcome neighbour, employer and service provider. Throughout the project stages, Agrivert seeks to engage local communities, allowing them to better understand our technological and operational ethos, and allowing us to understand important local interests.

Agrivert works with local communities and customers to help raise awareness of the environmental benefits provided by our treatment plants. We hold open days for local community groups and schools, and set up liaison groups with local residents.

Sustainable Operations

Agrivert is contributing toward the UK government objective, arising from the EU Landfill Directive, to divert food waste from landfill.

Agrivert’s anaerobic digestion plants in Oxfordshire capture over 9 million m3 of methane a year, which we convert into enough renewable electricity to supply around 9,000 homes.  In addition, we convert waste into a valuable organic fertiliser. Agrivert produces over 300,000 tonnes of valuable soil conditioning biofertiliser from across the business for agricultural use each year. Farming contributes around 7% of the UK’s annual greenhouse gas emissions (through the use of industrially manufactured fertilisers) and every tonne of organic fertiliser Agrivert produces helps to mitigate this figure.