Cassington AD Facility

Agrivert Ltd
Cassington AD plant
Worton Farm
OX29 4FL (Note that this post code does not work for all Satnavs. See directions below for additional instructions.)


How to use our services

To recycle your food waste and for more information on acceptable waste types and available capacity please contact us.

Opening times

Pre-booked waste deliveries can be received at the following times:

0730 – 1630 Monday – Friday

0730 – 1100 Saturdays

Acceptable Wastes

The biogas plant is designed to accept packaged and unpackaged source segregated solid and liquid food wastes. This diverts food waste from landfill to generate renewable energy in the form of heat and electricity, and a valuable organic fertiliser (digestate).


Cassington AD plant was designed and built by Agrivert, operating on a long term contract with Oxfordshire County Council. It also processes commercial food wastes, which include packaged goods. The facility processes over 50,000 tonnes of solid and liquid wastes a year, generating 2.1MW of electricity and producing an excellent biofertiliser.

For more information about Cassington AD facility, read our case study, or watch a film about the process here