Agrivert locates its facilities close to product markets. All our compost and digestate products are recycled to land locally to maximise environmental sustainability. Our compost can be used on Certified Organic farms.


Agrivert’s anaerobic digestion facilities are designed to produce a liquid digestate fertiliser to PAS110 and Quality Protocol standards. (For more information on PAS110 please visit the REA website). Our digestate products easily meets the all the required thresholds under these stringent standards. They are currently sold in bulk quantities to local agricultural markets from our Cassington, Wallingford, and West London AD sites .

Agrivert’s long AD retention times produce a stable and low odour product that is ideal for complete chemical fertiliser replacement.


Agrivert produces compost to PAS100 and Quality Protocol standards. (For more information on PAS100 please visit the REA website). The product has to meet strict feedstock and end product specifications and is suitable for use on organic farms.  Our compost products are currently sold in bulk quantities of 100 tonnes or more from our sites in Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire.


Agrivert offers robust, cost-effective sewage sludge treatment processes. By use of a variety of treatment methods to suit individual circumstances, Agrivert produces dewatered ‘sewage cake.’ The cake is spread to land as an agricultural fertiliser, complying with all regulatory and statutory requirements. The application to land is carried out in line with the Safe Sludge Matrix.

 Biofestiliser benefits

Our biofertiliser products:

  • Provide an excellent source of NPK and S to replace chemical fertilisers
  • Improve soil structure, drainage, water retention and aeration, providing a better rooting environment for plants
  • Possess slow nutrient release qualities. The material continues to breakdown within the soil, reducing nitrogen and phosphate leaching, which can occur with chemical fertilisers
  • Improve the workability of soils, especially heavy clay
  • Improve water retention in light soils
  • Enhance resistance to soil compaction and erosion.
  • Reduce the need for artificial fertilisers

NPK values

For typical NPK values for Agrivert biofertilisers, see the pdf link below.


For more information on our biofertilisers, please contact us.