Howdon Silo Case Study

Originally exporting sewage cake from its site using 14 tonne capacity skips, Northumbrian Water needed a solution with a more efficient waste transportation system. The new system also needed to incorporate buffer storage capacity and odour mitigation, all within a limited operational space.

To provide a solution that met all their requirements, Agrivert designed, built and then operated a 400 tonne mounted silo system at Howdon Sewage Treatment Works. The silo system eliminates the use of skips and enables vehicle loading to take place inside an enclosed environment. The silo is equipped with a walking floor and self unloading system, and has a footprint of less than 80m2.

The silo system has increased the average vehicle load by 43%, from 14 to 20 tonnes per load. This has in turn significantly reduced the cost of haulage. Moreover, loading time has decreased by 30%. Streamlining the process further, the silo provides a buffer capacity that enables better vehicle scheduling and reduces the nightshifts and weekend working.

As well as benefiting the company, the silo led to a significant reduction in odour complaints from local residents due to the enclosed nature of the loading process. The success of the Howdon silo led to the introduction of compact storage systems at five further client sites.

Agrivert also provides a biosolids recycling service for Northumbrian Water, which includes finding markets for and spreading over 1 million tonnes of sewage cake in 9 years.

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