Other Services

Spreading services

Agrivert has over 19 years’ experience in spreading biofertilisers. As a result of Agrivert’s agricultural background, Agrivert is very well integrated into to the farming industry. Agrivert is able to find sustainable agricultural outlets for all the products it recycles. We continue to build long term relationships with the agricultural community, delivering cost effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical fertilisers.

Agrivert manages the transport and spreading of biofertilisers using it’s own and third party equipment. Agrivert’s experienced field teams work with local farmers to apply the fertiliser in conjunction with best farming practices.

Regulatory support

Agrivert also provides regulatory assistance to our customers to ensure the beneficial use of our biofertilisers on land. We make sure customers complete all necessary paperwork in order to comply with environmental regulations.

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