In-Vessel Composting

From waste to compost

Agrivert’s in-vessel composting (IVC) plants are a practical, sustainable and efficient waste management solution. They harness the natural composting process to convert problematic organic wastes into a valuable soil conditioner. The resulting compost is rich in nutrients and humus, and is free from potentially harmful pathogens.

The IVC system comprises an aerated composting tunnel, developed in conjunction with technology partner Biodegma. Simply designed and precision engineered, it is constructed from corrosion-free materials and has a roof that opens to allow loading / unloading by loading shovel. The gore membrane acts as an extremely effective odour and bioaerosol barrier. It also recudes the power consumption of the facility.

Clever composting

Our process accepts source-segregated co-mingled food and green waste. To accelerate the bacterial break down of waste, airflow, temperature and humidity in the IVC tunnels are carefully controlled. To comply with Animal By-Products Regulations (ABPR), 60°C is achieved continually for at least 48 hours.

IVC is a two-stage composting process with two sets of tunnels. When the waste has been through both tunnels, the stabilised compost is transferred to the maturation pad, where it biodegrades for several weeks until matured. The resulting product is a rich agricultural compost, certified to the industry standard PAS100, which is recycled as a peat free alternative for amenity or agricultural use. (See biofertiliser section for more information.)

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