Silos and Conveyors


Anaerobic digestion plants and sewage treatment works rely on robust and efficient feed systems to enable them to function at optimal efficiency and reduce operation costs. Agrivert provides a range of silo and bunker systems that allow a wide range of feedstocks to be effectively stored and transferred for onward processing.


Agrivert silos are designed to meet the bespoke needs of  the water industry. Ranging from 200 m3 to 500 m3 they are used for the storage and loading of dewatered sewage sludge.

Agrivert silos are designed with walking floors that move the cake towards a twin screw conveyor, which transports the cake for onward processing or loads it directly into vehicles, ready for longer term storage on farms prior to spreading.

Agrivert supplies silos as a turnkey product and/or with varying levels of ongoing operation and maintenance agreements.

For maximum flexibility, our engineers are able to connect the silos to a wide range of treatment and dewatering systems.

Square silos (bunkers)

Agrivert bunkers have been successfully deployed in the water industry for over 10 years. Holding up to 100 tonnes of material, they provide a controlled feed to either haulage vehicles or feed systems. Agrivert bunkers are also used for the receipt and transfer of food waste in anaerobic digestion applications.

Conveyor systems

Agrivert has extensive experience in the design and operation of screw and belt conveyors for conveying sewage sludge successfully in all situations. Agrivert screw conveyors are also successfully operating in UK anaerobic digestion plants for the transfer of solid food waste.

Read our case study or contact us to discuss your silo and bunker requirements in more detail.