Water Services

Agrivert has over 19 years’ experience in providing a range of sewage sludge dewatering, treatment and storage solutions to the water industry. Agrivert solutions are designed to give our customers a competitive edge, improving their organic product whilst reducing operational and environmental costs of sludge treatment.

Agrivert offers a complete package of sludge treatment solutions, including a range of silo feed systems, conveyors, centrifuges and anaerobic digestion pre-treatment and feed systems. Agrivert also offers O&M support with turnkey projects.

Reduced operating cost

Agrivert has developed effective processes that produce agriculturally attractive sewage cake. Agrivert processes are designed with low operating costs and high throughput capabilities relative to capital investment. Agrivert silo systems increase operational efficiency whilst reducing recycling transport costs and significantly improving control of odour.

From concept to operation

Agrivert designs, builds and operates facilities, providing a wide range of engineering services and solutions to the water industry. The breadth of Agrivert’s knowledge allows us to deliver an integrated approach that can also include biosolid recycling services, allowing complete treatment and recycling contracts to be let.

Agrivert is able to provide trained staff to manage and operate clients’ processing facilities.

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