Agrivert in action

Agrivert's journey from food waste to renewable power

A video showing Agrivert's Anaerobic Digestion process and describing the journey they take to convert Food waste into Renewable power.

Agrivert North London featured by BBC Three counties

Great to see our new North London AD facility featured by BBC Three counties as part of Hertfordshire Councils' food waste awareness campaign.

Oxfordshire promote turning food leftovers into electricity

Statistics from Recycle for Oxfordshire say that, on average, a family with children will spend £680 a year on food that ends up being wasted. So what happens to that food after it is thrown away? They visited Agrivert's Wallingford AD facility that is taking those left overs to learn how we turn them into electricity.

Agrivert South Wales AD Facility opening ceremony

Agrivert Directors are proud to host Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister of Wales, the press and many industry peers and colleagues as they officially open their fourth Anaerobic Digestion Facility in Bridgend, South Wales.

Using digestate as a renewable biofertiliser

WRAP has published a video in conjunction with Agrivert about the benefits of digestate as a valuable fertiliser. This video provides practical advice for farmers and agronomists on how to maximise the supply of nutrients to crops, and how this can be balanced with standard fertilisers.

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