Anaerobic Digestion Plant Construction

Agrivert have considerable expertise in the design and build of best-in-class AD plants. Our design concepts are proven and effective. Our team of highly skilled Engineers, Technicians and Project Managers have an excellent record of delivering complex technical plants and EPC projects on time and within budget.

We have completed over 20 major infrastructure projects within the waste and water sectors in the last 10 years, delivering over £45 million of digestion infrastructure in 2016 alone.

The food waste AD plants we have delivered are extremely power efficient, they are some of the highest performing plants in the UK; operating 34% above the national average with regards to power production.

We act as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor for all of our build projects. Therefore enabling us to construct the infrastructure required with less capital cost, which assists in delivering greater value for our customers whilst ensuring we retain the highest standards of health and safety across all of our infrastructure projects.

We are one of the few designers and builders who also operate their own plants and therefore incorporate operating lessons learnt into the design process.

We have an excellent record of delivering plants on time and within budget.

Setting an example

Agrivert’s AD plants have been acknowledged as Best Available Technique (BAT) compliant and indeed have been used to demonstrate BAT to both the Environment Agency and Animal Health. BAT will be incorporated throughout the plant with particular focus in key areas such as ABPR, secondary containment, odour control and DSEAR.

Agrivert has a successful in-house planning and permitting team, who specialise in obtaining planning permissions and environmental permits for organic recycling facilities.

The team has a proven track record in achieving permission for complex developments on green field and green belt sites. In the past ten years, we have achieved planning permission for eleven organic waste treatment facilities and have successfully achieved environmental permits for two facilities.

Agrivert are in a unique position as a designer and construction contractor because our facilities are firmly based around vital plant operations experience. We have a comprehensive understanding of all of the potential risks due to our experience running several potentially hazardous facilities.

We are therefore able to expertly eliminate construction, maintenance and operational health and safety risks through the design phase.

Our Engineering Director is key to managing and delivering all of our infrastructure projects on time and to budget. He has over 35 years’ experience in the management of major construction and equipment installation projects in the glass, food, pulp/paper, detergent and waste management industries.

He is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and has undertaken IOSH Safety for Senior Executives. He is a member of the ADBA Committee further developing the Practical Guide to AD currently reviewing Training/ Competency and Health & Safety. Having delivered fifteen organic waste facilities, he is perfectly placed to ensure the facility is designed and constructed to the highest of standards, on time and to budget.

Agrivert designed, constructed and commissioned a 2.4 MWe 50,000tpa combined food waste and energy crop AD facility for Severn Trent Green Power at Severn Trent’s Coleshill site. The value of this project was in the region of £13 million.

The Client brief was to build a food waste AD Plant and have it generating electricity before expiry of their pre-accreditation and the next degression in the Feed in Tariff.

During the construction phase we, as Principal Contractor, managed the whole construction programme and project delivery. Despite encountering major underground obstacles which were not shown on Clients as built drawings and a key sub-contractor entering administration, the facility was delivered to budget and on time, with the facility built and commissioned within one year. It is now operating reliably at 95% of maximum power output.

We worked with Severn Trent to plan and coordinate the whole project, developing the site layout to suit the existing sewage treatment works, beside a significant river. We applied for and successfully obtained the required Planning Permission for the AD Plant and subsequently supported Severn Trent with their application for the Environmental Permit and Animal By-products Regulations approval by supplying details of their design which ensured compliance.

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