Food Waste Pre-treatment Systems

Agrivert is the market leader in the design and build of food waste pre-treatment plants. Where existing organics facilities have spare AD capacity, food waste can enhance energy yield and revenues whilst providing a local service to the community.

The biggest barrier to the successful digestion of food waste is the effective depackaging and pre-treatment of the incoming materials; food waste is often variable in consistency and typically contained in primary and secondary packaging.

We have a proven and robust front-end solution to effectively remove packaging and other contamination to overcome this challenge.

Agrivert's 14 stage technology solution

The Agrivert design is drawn from our extensive on-the-ground experience of operating our own food waste AD facilities. Having designed, built and then operated our AD plants for over 7 years, we have developed a robust and successful system that allows trouble-free pre-treatment and onward successful digestion.

The core principles are:
• Minimised waiting time for delivery trucks
• A clean reception building
• Efficient odour control
• Maximised contaminant removal
• Maximised substrate dry solids
• Homogenous feedstock at maximum calorific value

Click here to view our video showing the process.

Download our brochure to see full details of the 14 stage process we take to ensure swift, clean and efficient depackaging and pre-treatment of food waste

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