Sewage Treatment Plant Construction

We have over 20 years’ experience of providing sludge processing plants for the water industry and thus an extensive knowledge of sewage sludge dewatering, handling, storage, blending, polymer preparation and odour control.

Our solutions are designed to give customers a competitive edge, improving their organic product whilst reducing the operational and environmental costs of sewage sludge treatment. 

Differentiation through design

Agrivert designs, builds, finances and operates sewage treatment facilities, providing a wide range of engineering services and recycling solutions to the water industry.  We have designed numerous, dewatering, cake reception, sludge storage and liming facilities in the last two decades utilising our expert in-house design team.  Many of our team have actually run similar plants so are familiar with the special requirements of sludge treatment.

Our design concepts are proven and effective.

We offer a complete package of sludge treatment solutions, including a range of silo feed systems, conveyors, centrifuges, Thermal processing and anaerobic digestion pre-treatment systems which can be provided as upgrades or new installations. We also offer O&M support with turnkey projects and can deliver fully manned & managed, supervision only or ad-hoc intervention as required.

The breadth of our knowledge allows us to deliver an efficient integrated approach that can also include bio-solid recycling services, allowing us to provide complete treatment and recycling contracts.

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Agrivert has comprehensive design and build experience delivering over £45 million of digestion infrastructure in 2016 alone.

We retain an expert design and engineering team in-house which enables swift delivery of projects whilst maintaining total control and flexibility of design and construction.  In the last 10 years we have delivered over 20 major infrastructure projects within the waste and water sectors.

We also have extensive experience in recycling organics to land; at the last count we had recycled a total of 9 million tonnes, making us one of the UK's most experienced operators in this specialist field. 

Thermal Hydrolysis is a proven technology. But the success of THP is often determined by upstream and downstream processes.  Our extensive experience in this area enhances the performance of THP through the integration of:

  • Screening
  • Centrifuges
  • Polymer storage, preparation and dosing
  • Cake storage, conveying and dilution 

We design and construct cake reception and dilution systems to optimise imported cake feeds to THP’s  while delivering low odour and high plant availability.

We offer bespoke solutions for cake storage from 60-800m3 capacity. These can be quickly and effectively combined with containerised centrifuges to create satellite dewatering centres. Utilising this system keeps cake dry, reduces odour, maximises haulage efficiency and eliminates the requirement for skips and loading shovels.

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