Specialist Technology and Engineering

Agrivert's expert in-house design and engineering team have comprehensive design and build experience. Our long standing knowledge, experience and supply chain contacts leave us ideally positioned to supply specialist technology and engineering solutions to other operators within our industry.

Anaerobic digestion plants and sewage treatment works rely on robust and efficient feed systems to enable them to function at optimal efficiency and reduce operation costs. Agrivert provides a range of silo, bunker and depackaging systems that allow a wide range of feedstocks to be effectively stored and transferred for onward processing.

Our AD plants have proven to be extremely power efficient. Indeed we believe that the seven food waste AD plants delivered by Agrivert are some of the highest preforming plants in the UK (operating 26% above the national average electrical utilisation).

Our experience in this specialist field leaves us with extensive knowledge of the best available technology and most efficient ways to deploy such equipment and systems. We are one of the few designers and builders who have also operated our own plants therefore we are able to incorporate operating lessons learnt into our future design processes.

We have distributor rights on some key pieces of market leading technology including food waste depackaging systems, bunkers, conveyors and feeding systems.

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