Food Waste Recycling for Food Producers

In November 2018, Agrivert’s 5 food waste AD facilities, 2 IVC facilities and 3 composting facilities were purchased by Severn Trent Green Power Ltd. For any queries in relation to processing food waste or green waste please visit STGP at The information on this page will no longer be updated.

We appreciate that whilst waste management is not your core business, it is an important part of ensuring you remain efficient, responsible and compliant. We work with food manufacturers, packers, distributors and retailers to provide a competitive, reliable and responsible recycling outlet for all organic wastes.

Agrivert manage the collection and recycling of surplus or inedible food and production wastes from many food production, packing, distribution and retail businesses across London, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and South Wales. We assist in their quest for environmental best practice by providing a supportive, competitive and sustainable outlet for these materials, allowing them to concentrate on their core business (what our customers say).

We offer transparent recycling routes that prove 'food waste to renewable energy'. We provide:

  • Bespoke, competitive and sustainable pricing
  • Efficient, reliable collection services
  • Guaranteed off-take of materials
  • Wide spanning geographical coverage (where we operate)
  • Dedicated and experienced account managers to advise and support on your waste handling
  • Clear and timely data reporting
  • Zero to Landfill guarantee
  • Collaborative working on CSR related marketing/PR

The UK's food, beverage and catering industries are experiencing an ever increasing pressure to deliver more for less. In conjunction with this the government has some extremely challenging recycling targets to meet by 2020. It is estimated that, even though some large producers have made great progress with recycling food waste, today 7.3 million tonnes of food waste is still reaching our landfills each year.

Drawing more food waste out of residual waste streams, particularly within commercial and industrial sectors, has been identified on the Government's agenda on the roadmap towards meeting these targets and will be a vital part of achieving them. Indeed Scotland and Wales have already committed laws to ban food waste to landfill. Whilst English government currently favours voluntary measures, this could be likely to change to a more mandatory stance in the future.

All of our AD facilities are approved to process category 3 animal by-products enabling them to accept a wide variety of food wastes. You can send us:

  • Production wastes from the manufacture of food and beverages; both solids and liquids
  • Packaged food waste such as surplus, spoiled or off-spec stock, out of date products, stock clearances, factory breakdowns or QC failed products
  • Food from trade waste collection rounds
  • Restaurant and catering wastes
  • Bakery and bread products
  • Domestic kerbside collected food waste
  • Liquids and very wet wastes such as compost leachate, alcohols, fats and oils


We aim to be flexible and accommodating with regards to which waste presentations we accept. Aswell as the usual presentation in skips, bulkers or otherwise, we can handle material in dolavs, bins, IBC's, pallets and barrels. We can also provide washing services for these receptacles if required.


All of our sites have robust front end de-packaging systems capable of handling primary and secondary packaging up to a maximum of 20% of the total load.


Only 4 types of packaging are not acceptable without special arrangement: Glass, textiles, tertiary packaging and canned material. It goes without saying that any hazardous materials or large items that would damage our processing equipment or biology must be avoided.

Our knowledgeable team will be happy to advise how we can accommodate any of your specific requirements (Contact Us).

We employ a dedicated in-house commercial team to ensure that we are providing the best possible account management and logistics service to our customers.

Our team have worked within the waste management industry for many years and will work with you advise on application of the waste hierarchy, minimising cost and maximising value and efficiency.

Our logistics team will manage all transport related matters providing you with one point of call for all food waste collections.

Your account manager will administer pricing, provide bespoke reporting to feed into your operational and CSR reports and work with you to provide positive statistical data about the food that your business recycles that can be used in your marketing and PR.

Our approach to Compliance and Corporate and Social Responsibility is detailed and committed, learn more about this here.

All of Agrivert’s AD facilities hold the required operating permits, licences and procedures to underpin safe and compliant operations. We are happy to share these with our customers for Duty of Care and auditing purposes; they can be downloaded on each of the facility pages found here: Where We Operate.

We are ISO accredited and have various other awards and accreditations; learn more here.

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