Agrivert win "Best UK Food Waste AD Plant" for North London food waste recycling facility

Agrivert are proud to announce that we have received the prestigious award of "Best UK Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Plant" for the third time, this time for our North London AD Facility at the 2018 AD & Biogas Association (ADBA) Industry awards.

Agrivert win "Best UK Food Waste AD Plant" for North London food waste recycling facility

Every year, ADBA celebrates the most exciting innovations in AD (Anaerobic Digestion) and Biogas among the industry. This year the event was jointly hosted by ADBA the World Biogas Association (WBA) and 16 different awards were presented to the companies and individuals who have made the greatest contribution to delivering the benefits of AD and biogas across the UK and around the world.

"We are very pleased to receive this award this time for our newest AD facility. North London have managed to set themselves apart from a competitive group of innovative and efficient AD facilities. Our sustained electrical production, 100% availability to customers and incredibly short commissioning period are all down to a real Agrivert team effort.” Harry Waters, Agrivert Commercial Director.

Having previously collected “Best Food Waste AD Plant” and “AD Team of the year” awards for our West London AD Facility, we are delighted that Agrivert North London AD facility has also been recognised as 2018’s“Best UK food waste AD plant”.

Agrivert North London recycles approximately 50,000 tonnes of food waste each year. Food waste is collected from local householders (via local authority contracts such as Hertfordshire County Council and Essex County Council) and various food manufacturers, retailers and catering outlets. It is recycled into enough renewable electricity to power 5,500 local homes and businesses.

The food waste recycling facility was constructed in a record 9 months by Agrivert’s internal design and engineering team, and enjoyed a swift commissioning period. It gained PAS110 certification in May 2017; endorsing the high quality of the Digestate (a rich organic fertiliser) that the plant produces.

Since opening, Agrivert North London has consistently achieved 99.6% power production (percentage of the engine’s full power generation capacity), and has recently beaten Agrivert’s internal records with 45 consecutive days’ running at the full 100%. The facility consistently achieves turnaround times of less than 10 minutes for vehicles delivering food waste and is often used by our peers, industry and government bodies to demonstrate an example of best available technique and industry leading design.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how Agrivert are able to assist you with Food Waste recycling or the design and construction of AD Facilities.

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