Crop fed Anaerobic Digestion plant retrofit and enhancement

Key Facts

Project: Crop Fed Anaerobic Digestion plant
Facility footprint:
3 hectares
Retrofit and enhancement
1.6-million-pound sterling
March 2022
Time frame:
8 months
Contract type:
600 m³/h biomethane and 3 MW electric


This project is a crop-fed Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant currently operational. This three-megawatt plant has been running for over ten years and whilst it has performed well it has consistently failed to produce the gas yields desired because of low retention times.

Agrivert did not initially build this facility.


This project aims to retrofit an additional 24m (d) x 9m (h) cast in-situ concrete (approx. 4,000m3 capacity) digester tank to increase gas production by fifteen per cent retention time. The retrofit will include all tank technology instrumentation, heating coils, insulation, a double membrane roof system and cladding with a similar appearance to the existing digester tanks. Additionally, there will be an upgrade to the current SCADA system to incorporate the new infrastructure and connections to and from the new digester tank.

Agrivert is required to ensure the consistency of mixing philosophy with the existing plant and ensure a digestion philosophy enabled flexible feed and transfer between digesters to offer maximum flexibility in operations. Lastly, Agrivert is to conduct works without interrupting the current plant operations.


Agrivert provides expert engineering, consultancy, and technical and operating solutions to the organic-waste treatment and renewable energy industry in the UK and internationally. Agrivert offers a full range of services to solve organic-waste management challenges with proven innovative solutions.

Having designed, built, owned and operated their own organic waste treatment plants, Agrivert has hands-on experience and knowledge in designing and building new Anaerobic Digestion plants, enhancing existing front-end systems, and operating AD plants with the utmost proficiency.

Current status

This project is now complete.

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