WRAP has published a video in conjunction with Agrivert about the benefits of digestate as a valuable fertiliser. This video provides practical advice for farmers and agronomists on how to maximise the supply of nutrients to crops, and how this can be balanced with standard fertilisers.


The video sets out how the inclusion of digestate in nutrient management plans can increase the potential to grow healthy crops, provides advice on cost management and tips on application timings and techniques. The video includes a tour of an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant showing the technology used to convert organic materials, including food waste, into a reliable renewable fertiliser. It outlines the benefits of using digestate which is rich in readily available nitrogen, as well as containing phosphate, potash, sulphur, magnesium and trace elements.

• The video was filmed at Agrivert’s Wallingford AD facility in Oxfordshire, which is now Severn Trent Green Power

• It provides an introduction on how to use the free online MANNER-NPK tool to integrate digestate use into nutrient management plans

• Following good practice not only helps to get the best performance from renewable fertilisers, it is also the best way to reduce emissions to the environment

• WRAP research has shown that using digestate together with conventional fertilisers can increase yields above those from using conventional fertilisers alone

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