Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Agrivert has operated a wide range of organic waste recycling and renewable energy plants for nearly 30 years. We are niche operators in the sector with almost unrivalled experience and knowhow in this specialist field.

Operating our own plants over a number of decades has incentivised and enabled us to develop process techniques and teams that deliver excellence in operations. Historically, the plants we have owned and operated have significantly outperformed the industry norms for energy generation, plant throughput and uptime.

Agrivert offer an operating capability that can maximise the potential of capital infrastructure. We are able to offer Operating and Maintenance services to a wide range of organic waste and renewable assets. Whilst operating plants our teams are able to assess infrastructure upgrades and work with our clients to optimise the potential of the assets under management.

Agrivert is currently operating and maintaining several AD plants for third-party owners.

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