Plant & Construction Engineering

Plant & Construction Engineering

Agrivert provides a comprehensive range of services for the organic recycling and renewable energy sector. Our solutions are practical, robust, and designed incorporating over two decades of operational experience owning similar facilities.

Design and Build

Agrivert designs and builds tailored solutions for our clients. We take pride in delivering innovation that creates differentiators in the market, providing a competitive edge to our customers. We can work under several contract structures, including fully wrapped EPC and DBO contracts.


As part of our service, we offer a complete commissioning package. We pride ourselves on bringing plants to full operational effectiveness in the shortest possible time frame. Agrivert will also recruit and train operational teams handing over a fully competent team to our clients. Find out more HERE.


Agrivert has a history of delivering plant improvement plans and upgrade solutions. If an initial project is not fulfilling requirements, is underperforming or technology has evolved, Agrivert will provide imaginative and cost-effective solutions to optimise capital infrastructure.


In our core operating areas, Agrivert can provide maintenance support and repairs for the more difficult challenges experienced in operational plants.

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