Sewage Sludge Recycling Services

Agrivert has a 20 year history of processing and recycling biosolids.  During this time we have worked with almost every water company in the UK and recycled over 9 million tonnes of biosolids.

Agrivert has worked with a wide range of products from the rawest of cake (requiring liming and sensitive application) to Class A cake products.  Our solutions are comprehensive and can include a range of services including:

  • Haulage, stockpiling and trackway supply
  • Spreading
  • Securing the required land banks
  • Reporting and Regulator/local community liaison

We work carefully with our agricultural partners to secure long term land banks that recognise the value of cake.  We ensure we provide them with a quality service, sensitive stockpiling and timely, careful spreading to support them in safeguarding their land and soil structure.

Agrivert also design, build, finance and operate sewage treatment facilities, providing a wide range of engineering solutions and plant management services to the water industry. The breadth of our knowledge and experience in operating such plants gives us a deep understanding of the resultant product and its quality.  We are therefore able to recognise where cake quality can be improved and either make adjustments to stockpile and application techniques or advise our customers on methods to improve their product quality.

Our team of FACTS (Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme) qualified staff market cake products intelligently with agricultural benefits in mind thus securing the best possible market value for our Customers.

After having designed and constructed a sewage dewatering and liming plant for Northumbrian Water, we were subsequently asked to operate this plant and recycle the resultant cake on their behalf.

This 9 year contract involved identification of land bank, haulage and stockpiling of cake and the spreading of over 100,000 tonnes of material each year.

Upon undertaking the contract, there was a significant legacy of stockpiled cake requiring spreading, and a land bank that was unsympathetic to the product.

During the term of the contract we successfully rebuilt confidence within the agricultural community enabling us to market the product and achieve a rebate from every outlet.  The service we provided generated a high demand for the product providing our customer with greater security of outlet in addition to a stable and sustainable income.

We own a specialist fleet of 'Terragators', these are tankers which provide various services in the North of the UK.  This equipment offers the following service advantages intrinsically linked to the long term sustainability of any sludge recycling operation:

  • In the event of poor weather and access to land is severely restricted then it should be possible to spread the anticipated output in as few as 55 days
  • Low ground pressure vehicles allow access to land in wetter conditions prolonging the spreading season
  • Low ground pressure vehicles can access a wetter land bank that traditional vehicles are unable to access
  • Use of a specialist fleet reduces ground compaction and improved service levels resulting in repeat orders
  • The Terragators also provide a even spreading of sludge improving crop yields and repeat orders
  • Reliable access to land (at the time required by the agricultural community to co-inside with crop rotation ensures that farmers do not resort to chemical fertilisers as a result of  failure to spread
  • Stock piles are not left in fields and therefore the operation remains compliant with Environment Agency protocols

Agrivert has a long history of working with all of our Regulators and approach this with diligence and proactive communication.  We aim to sit in between our customers and the regulators taking over all responsibility for the regulatory burden associated with their sludge recycling.

We have extensive experience of working within the Safe Sludge Matrix and indeed we were a consultation body during its inception.  We maintain an interest in emerging legislation and sit on a number of bodies that are consulted by government (UKWIR, EFAR, REA).

We also hold a number of FACTS qualified staff within the business. 

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