North London AD Facility

This site is Agrivert's fifth AD plant was designed and built by us and opened in December 2016. Operating on long and medium term municipal contracts. It also processes spot market commercial food wastes (solid and liquid), which include packaged goods. The facility processes approximately 50,000 tonnes of solid and liquid wastes a year, generating 3MW of renewable electricity and producing a nutrient rich biofertiliser.

Agrivert AD facilities are designed to process Category 3 animal by-products enabling them to accept a wide variety of food wastes. Our facilities incorporate bespoke waste reception and pre-treatment technologies designed to facilitate the recycling of:

  • Production wastes from the manufacture of food and beverages; both solids and liquids
  • Packaged food waste such as surplus, spoiled or off-spec stock, out of date products, stock clearances, factory breakdowns or QC failed products
  • Food collected on trade waste collection rounds
  • Restaurant and catering wastes
  • Bakery and bread products
  • Domestic, kerbside collected food waste
  • Liquids and very wet wastes such as compost leachate, alcohols, fats and oils

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